End of probation

After 3.5 weeks of waiting, I got great news today. After my last class I ran into the branch manager and asked her if she had sent in my tape yet. She said yes, she had, and yes, I passed. A huge weight was lifted from me. I celebrated by going across the street and buying a whole pizza, which I ate by myself while I caught up on episodes of lost and full metal alchemist. Later some people invited me out for some kimchi jiggae and Cold Stone ice cream.

Yet, of course, as an example of the roller coaster I’m on – the next morning I woke up with my throat tingling. At first I thought it was just dry. But as the day wore on it was clear I was coming down with something. By Monday I had a full-blown sore throat and cough. But it’s worth noting that, officially, there are no sick days with CDI. In theory they don’t want sick people teaching, but if you don’t show there are no subs–except for your fellow instructors, who have to take extra hours to cover for you. I figure as long as I can keep my voice I have to teach.

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