One Week Job

I have to mention an important source of inspiration for my passion projects, Sean Aiken of One Week Job.

Between Feb 2007 and March 2008 college graduate Sean Aiken went on a journey across America to try out 52 jobs in 1 year, one job a week. He did everything from dairy farming to firefighting, baking marketing, reporter, DJ, etc…

Obviously we can’t all do what Sean did, and I certainly wouldn’t want a camera crew following me, documenting my own successes and failures. But I still like his commitment to the idea and the way he went about achieving it.

When I started making my own plans I instantly remembered One Week Job. Though instead of one job a week I’m aiming for something closer to 1-2 jobs and a few side projects per year. That pace will let me not only get a taste for the type of work I’m doing, but the lifestyle associated with it.

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