This year I applied for the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) to develop my skills as I continue to teach English. The CELTA is an internationally recognized TEFL/TESL certificate developed by Cambridge university and offered at centers around the world. I will be taking the course at International House (IH) Bangkok.

I’m not yet sure if this will increase my employability in Korea, but from what I have read it can help in many other countries. Regardless of how must it helps me get a job, I am interested in taking it to develop my teaching skills. Also, this certificate focuses on teaching adults, which gives me a nice change of pace from my current experience with children. Although I have enjoyed working with kids overall, I would like to get experience with a variety of age groups.

I start the course right after the end of my current teaching contract, the first class is on May 30th – I fly out of Korea May 29th. I am currently working on the “pre-course task,” a questionnaire that helps students prepare for the program. I will discuss my preparation and experience with the CELTA in later posts


CELTA Website

International House Bangkok

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