Just kidding, one more month

Today I started a new term. I think I have a different perspective knowing that I will only be here one month. I started my classes today with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. I think the kids responded well to my energy.

My attitude about each class is also different – I know that I will only see each kid a maximum of 8 more times, so nothing they do can phase me much. But rather than tuning out, I am actually excited to try out all the new ideas I’ve been experimenting with across the other terms.

I didn’t bother preparing them for an entire term – I told them a new teacher will come at the end of the month, and all my rules and rewards expire at that time.

Aside from teaching I plan to go to the Muju Firefly festival with PaGra this weekend. I plan to fill all my weekends and free Wednesdays with such activities. I’ve never seen a real firefly before – and although I know there are plenty of places to see them in the US too, it would be exciting to see some here. Muju mountain is also the same place I went snowboarding last winter, so it will be neat to see it in all its summer glory.

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