The instructors and their expectations

The Instructors

During my CELTA course I had two main instructors – Barry and John. They both had similar backgrounds – they were from the UK, had years of experience teaching, and were DELTA certified (the CELTA on steroids). They were both good instructors, but in very different ways. (Note, even if you attend CELTA at IH Bangkok, you may or may not get the same instructors – there are at least two other instructors, and I believe these two are not always at IH Bangkok every term.)


John                                                                                        Barry

John was the perfect instructor to start the course with. He was my teaching practice group’s instructor for the first and third weeks of the course. He was funny, friendly and hands-on. He had a lot of energy and helped walk trainees through every step of both the morning lessons and the teaching practices. Even when he was criticizing me, he had a way of softening the words.

On the other hand I had Barry for the second and fourth weeks of the course. He was slow, methodical, and a little distant. He was happy to help trainees, but his method was very socratic – if I had a problem or misunderstanding, he would just ask questions about it until I found the answer myself. When preparing for teaching practices he would answer specific questions, but never offered any help that wasn’t asked for. He was hard to work with in the beginning, but the perfect teacher to end with.

The instructors were consistently involved with teacher’s learning during the morning lessons. However as the weeks of the course passed, they quickly and systematically removed themselves from being involved with trainee’s lesson planning.

Overall I was very happy with my CELTA instructors, I don’t have any real complaints about them. They were very helpful in developing my teaching skills and in the end I think they helped just the right amount – giving advice when needed, but allowing trainees to grow independently. Throughout the course they remained positive and encouraging with me, and with the other trainees I saw them interact with.

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