The Fates don’t want me to go to South Korea?

So I work in South Korea teaching English, and as part of Korean immigration law I have to send an FBI criminal background check to prove I’m not a criminal when I get a new job. After getting the background check, I must send it to the US Department of State (USDOS) to be authorized for international use. After 2 months of waiting for it to be returned (supposed to take 2 weeks) I had almost given up, until today…

USDOS person: Hello Mr. Newsome, you called us regarding your FBI criminal background check several weeks ago?

Me: Yes? Have you received them?

USDOS Person: Sort of. Unfortunately it appears that your letter has been BURNT. The envelope, cover letter, check and document – all of them have been burnt on the left side…

I am almost speechless. How in the world does a letter, sent priority mail (or ANY kind of mail) get half burned away? I’m not religious, but even I’m inclined to interpret it as some kind of sign. They are going to process it anyway, to give me my moneys worth – I’ll post a picture when they do.

Thankfully, I have another FBI background check, but I’m scared to mail it in now. I’m thinking of just getting it authorized in person when I visit my family on the east coast. That is, once I go read some tea leaves and check with a fortune teller to make sure The Fates are okay with me taking this trip at all.

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