Where I’ve been

1. The project that has consumed me night and day since I got home is all but finished. I set out to clean up my room and clean up my life, and I’ve done that. Just compare the following two pictures.

All the mess in the first picture was sorted and then trashed, recycled or stored properly. The second picture is my room right now – I’m not done with it, but it’s a LOT better than before. But, being the sentimental packrat that I am, I was not content to let the trashed and recycled items just vanish into the ether. I photographed, scanned and journaled about every little thing, and I compiled everything into a massive scrapbook.

Trust me, I have a lot more to say about this scrapbook I made – what’s in it, how I made it, how LONG it took. But that deserves a post all its own – I’ll write more about it next time.

2. “Seth, you’ve been so quiet, I didn’t even know you were back home” ~ Mary Grace

It’s true, I really have been obsessed with the above project. Sometimes I didn’t leave my apartment building for days at a time. However, I have managed to have some social life since I’ve been home. The people I’ve seen the most are my friend in Jake and his fellow Decadence alumni at their group house in Berkeley. In particular they had great Christmas and Halloween parties. I also had a great Christmas get-together with old friends from Soonchunhyang University, my Korean college. It’s hard to believe I’ve known them all for over 6 years now – and we manage to get all the Bay Area people together 2-3 times a year, with the occasional out of town visitor to boot.

3. “Seth, are you ready for your workout?” ~Emily

When I was young, I often asked my parents if I could have a sister – I had a brother, and knew what that was like, so I wanted a sister. That didn’t quite work out (though I do have a brilliant step-sister Zana) so if I ever get married, I think I want a daughter. But for the time being I’ve taken in two surrogates – my little cousins Gracie and Emily.

I first met these girls when they were very young, age 2 and 5. I’ve only seen them a few times between then and now, but I love it when I get to spend time with them. This year, after spending a quiet Christmas with my mom and grandparents I stayed a couple extra days to visit with the girls and their mom as they came to visit. We played a lot, I taught them how to play pool, they did my make-up and nails, and they showed me app after app on their new iTouches. Emily also made sure I got my “workout” as she called it – which involved giving her piggy back rides all around the house, spinning her in the air, and holding her up by her ankles. It really did the trick – kind of like flinging around a 50lb medicine ball.

I’m really making it a priority to see family as much as I can while I am home – especially my grandparents. It was two years ago that my father’s mother died, and I felt really sad that I never really got to know her. With me spending so much time out of the country I think it’s really important I spend time getting closer to my family while I’m state-side.

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